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SmallEiffel and MySQL

Michael Ravits has written a wrapper to access a MySQL database from ISE Eiffel which can be found at http://www.eiffel-forum.org/archive/ravits/mysql.htm (and http://www.netpedia.net/hosting/newplayer/).

I have adapted his code to be usable with SmallEiffel, the GNU Eiffel Compiler.
Sep 02, 2002 Update: Fix for null database fields, could cause a crash (returns Void as result now) (pointed out by wes).

Download the SmallEiffel wrapper for MySQL: smalleiffel_mysql.tar.bz2 (4188 bytes; Aug 31, 2002)

PHP (Linux) access to MS SQL Server 7 and ODBC data sources on a Windows machine

Database access abstraction using PHP

When writing an application accessing databases, it can be a good idea to provide a layer of abstraction between the application itself and the actual database access code to both ease porting the application to use another database system (e.g. MySQL, Postgres, Microsoft SQL Server, ODBC Socket Server, ...) as well as allow a choice between various database systems within the application.

Database access abstraction using PHP

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Michael Peceny
Sep 02, 2002